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Residents speaking Spanish at home - Native, born elsewhere (%) one call car insurance contact number to post and access all features of our very popular forum It is free and quick Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum Additional giveaways are planned I have just spent 2 weeks in one of our Ontario healthcare facilities snowbird vehicle insurance    Read more.

Two Tier Health Systems Common Occupations - Fire fighting and prevention, and other protective service workers(%) snowbird vehicle insurance Then I called Debbie Bates OldState and talked to Blanca Parker snowbird vehicle insurance This agent is in the Sun City, Ruskin area, South East of Tampa and 30 minutes North of Bradenton Blanca was pleasant, efficient, and got costs to me immediately She took my license number so she could check on my driving record.

For $500K liability, cost will be about $600 for 6 months of insurance, and you can put the insurance on "vacation" when you aren't there, so the car is covered for damage or theft, for about $150 A wonderful experience happened to us while travelling back north for the summer, we were on I-79 north of Pittsburgh when our car suddenly just quit in the middle of nowhere snowbird vehicle insurance    Read more.

Western Shows Common Occupations - Production, transportation, and material moving occupations (%) I recently received your Nova Scotia Elections Handbook snowbird vehicle insurance It was one of the most informative and effective pieces of assistive literature that I have ever received In addition to the succinct précis of the mechanics of the Nova Scotia voting process and the political parties involved, it also provided an informative and effective synopsis of the issues that relate to my status as a snowbird.

Medipac Travel Insurance - Happy Customers We had just begun our return to Canada from a five-month stay in south Texas and chose to stop for our first night at Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana About midnight, my husband Steve awoke with chest pain.

    Read more Aneurysm Size and Medipac Coverage Medipac has now increased its aneurysm size to 4.

My cardiovascular surgeon and, apparently, most surgeons will not operate until it's 55 cm, which seems to be the norm for corrective surgery    Read more.

We have heard that if we sell this unit down the road, we will be taxed by the US government There are many different opinions on this Can you advise us of the drawbacks of a Canadian selling mobile homes in Florida?    Read more.

Constitutional Challenge to Provincial Regulations? Has anyone ever launched a constitutional challenge to the provincial regulations? It seems to me that most snowbirds find the potential loss of their health-care policy such a fearsome threat that they are effectively denied that fundamental mobility right that is theirs under the Constitution    Read more Aspirin and NSAIDs In the summer edition, there was some confusion about NSAIDs in pills NSAID stands for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
The three main groups of NSAIDs are aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, which are sold over the counter in most countries    Read more Aspirin and NSAIDs I am writing with reference to Mr Dawe's letter regarding Aspirin and NSAIDs in CSA's summer 013 edition.

Dawe states that he "could not find any product that contained ASA" in Florida, and all the Aspirin products that he did find "all contained NSAIDs"    Read more 6 month Supply of Medicine I am a member of the PSHCP and encountered the same problem as Wayne Hays, Barry's Bay ON, regarding acquiring a six-month supply of medicine versus three months    Read more.

8840 Form - Advice of Receipt Registered International I receive acknowledgement for my annual filings (of Form 8840) by making sure my filing is done with an AR “Advice of Receipt Registered International”.
Displaying Flags Some Canadians in our park are flying flags that are one flag with both the American and Canadian flags printed on them Is this practice followed in proper etiquette?    Read more.
Cross Border Marriages I have been a subscriber for a long time and have not seen any articles or letters inquiring about the technicalities of marrying an American We all enjoy our winters in the US.
I am one of the lucky ones and am contemplating marriage in the future As a Canadian marrying an American, what advice can you offer? Your help and information would be greatly appreciated    Read more Travel Medipac Insurance is a Tax Deductible Expense I am pleased to inform you that we have received a full refund of the extra tax we had to pay because CRA originally rejected our Medipac travel insurance premium cost for the 2010 tax year Thank you for all your help and good luck helping snowbirds in the future    Read more.

Tax Deductions for Travel Medical Insurance The same day I read your article about efforts to have the CRA approve travel medical expenses, I received notice of reassessment as they had rejected my claim for the premiums paid    Read more.

The current issue, however, contains two items of personal opinion, which I feel deserve a response    Read more.

The first question on the Medipac application involves HIV, ARC and AIDS    Read more You get what you pay for I just want to impress upon everyone how important it is to have good insurance before entering the U.
    Read more Thank you Medipac! This past winter, I had the misfortune of contracting GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome) I, like many others, had never heard of this debilitating autoimmune disorder.

With the accompanying pain and lack of sleep due to the pain, I ended up in the ER four nights in a row, and on each occasion, the doctors were unable to correctly diagnose this medical problem    Read more Get an IRS-ITIN Number Per page 37 from Border Guide, and confirmed by Regional Consultant, Investigative Services, Belleville, Ont, it is illegal for Canadians to give their SIN # to any US entity.

S Go to a US library or go online to get a W-7 form and complete it to get this IRS-ITIN #    Read more.
Do not use your SIN as identification in the United States I always enjoy the articles and timely tips, but must admit that one article in the recent Bird Talk section raised huge red flags I refer specifically to the one from VC.
S credit card application    Read more.

We are likely to be booked as driving without a licence if we are stopped for ANY traffic offence    Read more Information Meetings Just over 200 listened with appreciation (half-Canadian and half-American audience).

Calls to 911 As a Medipac Insurance customer, I am just wondering something If I have to make a 911 call and all of the first responders (ie.

) react, how much coverage do I have through Medipac for their services    Read more.

S government website helpcbpgov/app/answers notes that Canadian vacationers are only required under American law to present a valid passport.

    Read more Michael Coren's Article Congratulations to Michael Coren, and to you, for having the courage to put into words and publishing what our politicians and immigration authorities can't seem to understand and/or deal with.

USD Credit Card I have read with interest your previous exchanges on the difficulty of obtaining a US $ bank credit card Last summer, the solution seemed to be to get a U.

tax ID number That option won't work anymore, as the IRS will not issue one unless you will be filing a US Tax Return.

Marrying an American What kind of "rights" or "provisions" does one of the unmarried partners, have, should the Canadian fall ill in his/her own country or vice versa, for the other partner to stay with said partner in either Canada or the US for the duration of care?    Read more. Top-ups and Pre-Existing Conditions What would happen in the scenario that I or my husband became ill/had an accident, a day or two before my coverage with OTIP expired Would this medical condition then be considered a "pre-existing condition" for my Medipac coverage starting the following day and leave me with no medical coverage for this condition if needed?    Read more Medipac Travel Insurance - Happy Customers As a last resort, I contacted you and was encouraged with our reception and info received.
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is interested    Read more Pre-Existing Conditions and Medipac's Return to Destination Benefit I was under the impression that one needed to be stable for 90 days to be fully insured.
8840 Form Calculations When calculating days spent in the US on the form 8840, if a person returns to Canada for two weeks at Christmastime and then returns to the US, or if a person is going on a cruise for two weeks on the Panama Canal while they are staying in the U.

, are these days used as part of the total days' calculation on the 8840 form?    Read more Burden of Proof During a recent U.

border-crossing interview, we were asked to provide documentation showing closer ties to Canada    Read more.

S Visa and bank account? How do I find locations popular for Canadian snowbirds?    Read more Tax Deductions for Travel Medical Insurance Snowbirds allowed to deduct their annual premiums for out-of-province coverage    Read more.

Issues in trying to acquire US credit cards at major shopping stores As snowbirds, we have a home in an adult community in henderson, Nevada and this is what has worked for me when applying for a card with Macy’s, dillards, Kohls, etc.

    Read more.

"The calculus of er charges" - An Investigative article by steve lopez la times april 1 page a2, investigative article by steve lopez, "the calculus of er charges" had some points of interest to us snowbirds One that caught my attention was er billings    Read more.

Crossing the border with dogs I had to chuckle at the cartoon on p53 we cross the border at least twice a year with our dogs, but the border patrol/customs people have never made any reference such as the one in the cartoon    Read more.

When I entered the site, I was asked for my membership number and a passwordNo sign-in is now required.

Medipac provides automatic extensions of coverage for FREE!! My husband and I spent four months last winter in florida, with 62 days of insurance from my retired teachers of Ontario plan, then topping up with Medipac we arrived back in canada on april 2 and our Medipac insurance expired on april 3 if we had been in a serious accident before we crossed the border and were both unconscious.

    Read more Visit-USA Act - Canadian health coverage - I was wondering what the effect will be on Canadian health coverage for Canadians who would be out of Canada for more than 183 days.

Cheques issued on Canadian banks will be subject to a handling fee Effective January 1, 2012, all cheques issued on Canadian banks will be subject to a handling fee of $20    Read more.

Unable to complete an application to get a Wal-Mart credit card I have been unable to complete an application to get a Wal-Mart credit card because the computer insists on a Social Security Number and, of course, I only have a Canadian social insurance number two weeks of trying to find some way around the computer and talking to senior staff at the local store have been useless.
Problems with trying to sell "double-wides" in florida One of the major problems with trying to sell "double-wides" in florida is the monthly rental on the leased property A safer investment is to purchase a unit in a park where you also own the land on which the unit sits.

    Read more Thank you for coming.

After he asked if we had fruit, etc he waved us on with, "thank you for coming" that was a 'wow' moment.
Going home for a week at Christmas and return to the US.
S What if I go in October and tell them that I am going for two months, then go home for a week at Christmas and return to the US for a second trip from January to April? is my week at Christmas still counted as time in the US?.
Yes    Read more. S? People are telling us that nothing under 30 days is allowed. The people advising you are correct    Read more. Problems in importing a car We purchased a used car here in California and are planning on driving it back to BC this year Wondering if we will have any problems crossing the border. S and Mexico)    Read more. S to Canada, realizing that each person gets 40 oz of alcohol    Read more A new law in Arizona requiring proof of residence! There is a new law in Arizona requiring proof of residence, which is being challenged in the courts, and no one is certain what the real law is at this point    Read more.

Reading issues of CSANews and get quite a bit of valuable information I am neither right wing or left wing and prefer to be the bird in-between, as in snowbird, and don’t mind entertaining all points of view with an open mind    Read more Canada Health Act - Provincial health insurance plans I believe the provincial health insurance plans should be prepared to provide cost protection for medical services outside the home province up to what is assessed as the cost to provide the service within the province.

Having your auto in the US.

S for six months is not a problem under your auto insurance.

"Balance billing" - the foul practices involved We were involved in a rather unfortunate car accident on December 31, 2010 at KeyWest, FL, but we can confirm that we were “taken care of immediately and professionally” as one of your Bird Talk readers reported.

    Read more Selling our Florida home - What we have to do? It is our understanding that there is some tax agreement between Canada and the US.

Is that true? When a Canadian sells real estate in the US, 10% of the sale price has to be sent to the IRS upon completion of the sale    Read more.

CSA Shows near Niagara area? I am writing to inform you that I am NOT happy regarding the places you are having these meetings or shows We live in the Niagara area and the nearest one to us this year is Guelph, which is about an hour-and-a-half away from us .

    Read more Needs of our health and education systems should be met! I cannot believe that we will be subjected to Michael Coren’s extreme right-wing ranting issue after issue in your CSANews publications.

    Read more Travel Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada We have recently had our niece and her family visit us here in B.

, from Colorado I was interested in what travel medical coverage cost them and how it compares to Medipac    Read more.

Maintenance and repair of your own house in Arizona As a Canadian, can you make maintenance and repair in and around your own house in Arizona? Yes, and you can help your neighbour, too    Read more.

We never have had any, either way I wonder what triggers people’s problems Like many Canadians, before being a snowbird and joining the CSA, I never thought much about such matters.

    Read more.

But we have some basic questions to help us get started Any info you can provide would be appreciated Info about Length of stay, Money transfer, Nevada/Las Vegas state or municipal issues,Visa etc.

Medical emergency and Our experience with Visa I took your advice and contacted Air Canada and, because of my husband’s medical emergency, they were kind enough to offer us two tickets to Florida    Read more.

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